Anastasia Andreeva, project manager

"My career in GEROPHARM Group started on July 1, 2013, the day after my graduation from Saint-Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy.

On the 5th course I started thinking about my future place of work, and following the advice of my scientific coordinator I decided to go through externship in GEROPHARM. Afterwards I was offered a position of an Engineer-Biotechnologist in the Laboratory of Drug Development in CJSC Pharm-Holding.

When you leave the university, it is very difficult to decide what you want to do professionally, so after working in the laboratory, I realized that I wanted to try something else. I was offered a position of a Business Assistant to the Director of CJSC Pharm-Holding, and after a while I became a Project Manager in the company as I really wanted to carry out a project and feel responsibility for it.

One of the main advantages of GEROPHARM is the opportunity to try something new, express your wishes openly and know that you will be heard, and constantly acquire new knowledge. Of course, all these things would be impossible without professionals that surround me throughout three years of my work in the company.

By a lucky chance in September, 2015 I was invited to work in the Department of Business Development as a Project Manager. Despite the fact that the title of my position has not changed, within the Business Development Department this position is now connected with a broader meaning.

Every day I acquire new knowledge necessary for project management, improve my knowledge acquired at the Academy, learn to communicate in English freely, interact with all departments of the company, as well as with the business partners from all over the world, and in general, I do what I have realized I’ve always wanted to do".

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