Anastasia Tulegenova, regulatory affairs manager (regulatory department)

"The invitation to take part in the internship program in the Regulatory Department was the starting point in my career in GEROPHARM Group. I was given this opportunity for the interesting and actual scientific research which had been presented at the V All-Russian scientific conference for undergraduate and postgraduate students with international participation "Young Pharmacy - Potential of the Future".

As soon as I defended my final thesis, I started working in the Regulatory Department. During my internship I was guided by the Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager Tatiana Moiseenko, who provided me with all the necessary theoretical knowledge that I applied in the projects on drug registration in Russia and abroad. In spite of the fact that the adaptation to a new working environment is a complex process for most people, a friendly and helpful staff in GEROPHARM Group helped me to overcome all appearing difficulties easily. The internship helped me to fulfill my professional potential and find my own career path. After the internship, I was invited to work in the Regulatory Department as the Regulatory Affairs Assistant Manager.

I would like to express my gratitude to GEROPHARM Group for the unique opportunity to work in the reliable, successful and promising company".