Kirill Antonov, junior specialist in biomedical statistics

"I started my career in GEROPHARM Group as an intern in 2015. At that time I had vague ideas about how such pharmaceutical companies work. The first thing I paid attention to, when I came, was an incredibly warm and friendly atmosphere. The young, energetic and cheerful team made it possible for me to communicate freely, that’s why I adapted so quickly. From the first days of my internship I was completely immersed in my work. Though there was a lot of work to do, I didn't feel any fatigue or difficulties, connected with my work, thanks to the excellent team.

The fact that I work in GEROPHARM Group means so much to me.I like the company’s domestic and foreign policies which are both directed on the employees and people around. Having worked as an intern and now continuing working in GEOPHARM Group, I would like to say that my work expectations have been more than just fulfilled. I was given an opportunity to do significant, socially important and interesting things".

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