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Corporate culture

We are convinced that the success of our company depends on the personal contribution of each employee. We build the team based on the principles of transparency, focus on the results, inspiration and responsibility. All employees have the opportunity to not only perform their direct duties, but also to participate in various projects as part of working groups.

First and foremost, GEROPHARM group is about people. We encourage an atmosphere where everyone can express their thoughts and proposals, contributing to the achievement of a common cause. Atmosphere of trust, support and mutual aid, is motivating and leads to better results in everyday work. We believe that the opportunity to openly discuss new ideas and exchange views allows us to develop and move forward.


Throughout the year, GEROPHARM make for employees pleasant surprises. We celebrate together 23th of February and 8th of March, congratulate our partners with professional holidays, organize competitions for children of employees. Traditionally, the most prominent and largest is the New Year celebration which is always a very special holiday. We often involve the employees into preparations for the celebration, that is why each corporate event is not similar to previous.


GEROPHARM group supports employees in their pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition to partial compensation of the cost of a gym membership, dancing or yoga, the company also encourages various hobbies of employees and tell about them in enterprise portal and the TV. Some of our team members are regular participants in city's sports and charity marathons.


The company supports employees in personal development and expanding horizons. Therefore, current events guide are available to all employees, there they can find main events of cultural life of St. Petersburg. Also as a reward for achievements at work, the company often gives tickets to cinema, theaters or concert.


Each employee has the opportunity to offer ideas which can help to improve existing business processes. The program "Your idea works!allows emplyees to submit their ideas for review and, if they want to, participate in their implementation. Every month we get more and more interesting and fresh ideas from employees.