Oksana Khomutova, laboratory researcher (laboratory of genetic engineering)

"I started my career in CJSC Pharm-Holding as an intern of the genetic engineering laboratory. I am glad that I took my first professional steps in this very company. Three months of internship convinced me that if a person has a great desire to work in the research center of a pharmaceutical company, conquer new heights and move up the career ladder, there is no better company to work for than Pharm-Holding. The confidence and trust of the head of the company Lola Maksumova and the head of the genetic engineering laboratory Vitaly Latypov not only helped me but also made me desire to be a part of the team responsible for such important developments.

In a short period of time I gained a great experience that in other companies can be acquired after years and years of hard working. Three months later I got the position of laboratory researcher in the genetic engineering laboratory, and now I'm sure – the best is yet to come".