Olga Yakovleva, pharmacovigilance manager

"Before the final interview for the position of Pharmacovigilance Manager in the Regulatory Department in GEROPHARM Group, I had a vague idea of whatpharmacovigilance really is and what role it plays. Nevertheless, I really liked the perspective of working in the Russian pharmaceutical company.

During three months of internship, I got a lot of new knowledge and skills which I successfully apply in the work. Thanks to the help of my mentor - Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager Philippova Anastasia – I managed to understand not only the principles of the company’s pharmacovigilance system but I also got acquainted with the process of drug registration, thanks to some projects carried out in  our department.

I want to thank the director of CJSC Pharm-Holding Lola Maksumova for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern in the company. I never had any regrets about working in such wonderful company as GEROPHARM!"