In our work, we adhere to the principles of openness and transparency and are expecting the same from our teammates. We always provide our feedback and are glad to receive it in returnas it allows us to develop and further improve. It is important for us to hear how students assess our program, here are some of the reviews:

Nadezhda Kolganova, Saint Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy

"In six weeks I got acquainted with the equipment and learned about all stages of production. I quickly blended with the team. I tried myself as a microbiologist and an operator, analyzed microbiological equipment, and participated in different kinds of everyday work.

During the internship program, my colleagues from the biosynthesis and my manager, chief of biosynthesis laboratory Ruslan Aitov, provided all the necessary information and advice on all the issues. In general, all employees of the company treated us with respect and as friends, they also were making suggestions on how we could spend free time in the city. The program left great impression and was extremely useful as I gained a lot of experience necessary for my future work in the industry".

Alena Shklyaeva, Saint Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy

"I would like to specifically point out the corporate policies for the employees: transportation to and from the manufacturing facility, free working lunches, comfortable working schedule. The company is attracting young professionals and supports them during the internship program providing accommodation, appointing the mentor to ensure better adaptation. Such conditions are very attractive for the staff.

As a result of this practice I studied the production process and gathered enough credible and important information that will certainly help me to write a good thesis".

Tatyana Golovacheva, Saint Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy:

"This year I had practice at GEROPHARM-Bio, a modern pharmaceutical facility. I would like to point to friendly, tight-knit and team-minded personnel. During the practice plant employees treated us not just as students but as future professionals. For me it was very important, because it was the first step in my career!

Every day was full of new information and interesting activities: sterilization of equipment, work in microbiological and analytical laboratories, production tours. We did not lose a single minute in vain. I am glad that I have been lucky enough to have practice here at GEROPHARM-Bio.

Polina Kotseruba, Saint Petersburg Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy:

"Practice at GEROPHARM-Bio allowed me to obtain a complete view of modern pharmaceutical facility operation, learn about the work of each department and their interaction with each other.

It was really interesting to work in Quality Control Department and I was able to practically apply my knowledge received in the Academy. Separately I would like to point to friendly and warm atmosphere in the team of GEROPHARM-Bio: everyone has been willing to help you out and answer any question. Thanks to the practice I really gained a lot of experience that will help me in the future”.

Aleksandra Isagaliyeva, Lomonosov Moscow University of Fine Chemical Technology:

"It was invaluable experience for me to spend two weeks of production practice at GEROPHARM-Bio as a part of a team of professionals: I got extensive knowledge in terms of document workflow, planning and production organisation. I received practical skills in the field of analytical chemistry and some microbiological methods of analysis.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have my practice in this excellent and friendly team".