Gretskov Pavel, R&D engineer (laboratory of drug development)

"I was always interested in science, so, without any hesitation, I joined the student scientific society in the department of finished pharmaceutical products of St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy. This decision gave me an opportunity to experience the process of developing drugs and later a chance to take part in different competitions and conferences, presenting my ideas and developments. On one of the pharmaceutical conferences that took place in my Academy, I got acquainted with the leading pharmaceutical companies. One of those companies was GEROPHARM. Having talked to the representatives of the company, I filled in an application for the interview, and the following day at the plenary session when the participants of the conference were given their awards, the company GEROPHARM granted me a special prize and certificate, giving me an opportunity to undertake an internship in the R&D center - the laboratory of drug development. One might say that "thoughts are material".

Having worked as an intern and now continuing working in Pharm-Holding, I should say that my work expectations have been more than just fulfilled. I got an opportunity to do something significant, socially important and interesting. The most important is that work generates enthusiasm, and this is the most important factor for further development in your beloved professional field. However, all these things would be impossible without astonishing and remarkable staff".