Petr Volobuev, enterprise management and automation analyst

"When I joined the company, maybe because I was too young, I expected quite tough working atmosphere, especially in such responsible business field like pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, first of all, I was surprised to see that people, working here, are kind, friendly, open, real ...

In addition, I was struck by the company's activities, usually described on the pages of scientific and popular science editions. I used to read about such things and I probably watched something about it in the documentaries, but now it's my job. Although I am just an outside observer of scientific processes, whose work is focused on information support service, I feel that I am a part of this process and this fact inspires me.

The company gives great opportunities, it believes in its employees, and I try to repay bydoing work of high quality. Not everyone can boast that he or she goes to work with pleasure, but I can, and I think that I am not the only one in the company who can do that".

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