Svetlana Robustova, junior research assistant (genetic engineering laboratory)

"I started my career in Pharm-Holding as an intern in 2015. At that time I had vague ideas about how such companies work, that’s why I was a little bit scared. However, I was lucky as the staff and management in the company were friendly. That was actually the reason why I adapted so quickly. Research literature, database, protocols – there is almost everything that can be necessary for self-education. The fact that I work in Pharm-Holding means so much to me. Firstly, I have the opportunity to do what I like. Secondly, I like the company’s domestic and foreign policies which are both directed on taking care of the employees and the whole world around. Thirdly, there is a good motivation for success. The company offers a real assessment of your work, so that later you can compare it with the efforts you apply, results you achieve and your career progress. I think this happens once in a lifetime.

I am really glad that the students of specialized universities are engaged in work, and that there is a wonderful opportunity to undertake an internship or build your career in such a successful company like GEROPHARM".