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2016 - 2014

Integration of the Russian pharmaceutical market into the global market led to changes in the strategy of GEROPHARM, which is now becoming a global one. A fresh look at opportunities both in Russia and abroad, allow us to set new and more ambitious goals.


  • GEROPHARM became the winner of the contest "Leader of Russian Business: Dynamics and Responsibility – 2015" in the nomination "The Best Project in the field of Import Substitution" for the program "Import Substitution of Insulin - Real Contribution to the Country’s Drug Safety".

  • Carrying on the tradition of rising public awareness and developing educational programs connected with the diseases, which fall within the company’s expertise, GEROPHARM has launched a new resource – Exclusive solutions in the period of age-related changes and the advice of competent specialists will help women of elegant age to find the most appropriate approaches to this sensitive problem.

  • Having shown the index growth by 9 positions, in comparison with 2014, GEROPHARM Group took the 18th place. This pure growth was one of the maximum ones among Top 20 Leaders.
  • GEROPHARM Group continues to saturate the Russian market with good-quality, effective and safe generics. The series, which was launched in 2013 and included such items like Levetinol®, Memantinol®, Recognan®, was also enhanced with the analogue drug Pregabalin this spring. This is a modern drug produced for the treatment of severe neuropathic pain. 

  • GEROPHARM Group became the winner in the field of import substitution "Priority" in the nomination "Pharmaceutical industry", and was also awarded by the Ministry of the Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation for the contribution to the development of local industry and for offering solutions to the problems connected with import substitution
  • Cortexin® - the original Russian neuroprotector was included into the List of vital and essential drugs for medical use (VED)
  • Recognan® (INN: citicoline) - a modern neuroprotective drug, generic with a wide range of therapeutic facilities was registered
  • The head of GEROPHARM Group Petr Rodionov became the finalist of "Expert of the Year" award and the winner of the rating "Top managers of the year" in the nomination "Pharmaceutical industry" according to the Kommersant newspaper
  • GEROPHARM took part in the major activities devoted to the issues of import substitution. The company participated in the All-Russia People's Front’s Forum, in the opening of Import Substitution and Localization Center and in the exhibition "Health care 2015"
  • The company’s new website, new corporate pages in social networks (,,, and the corporate channel on were launched
  • Pineamin® - a new original drug, developed for treating neurovegetative disorders in women with menopausal syndrome, was registered
  • Cortexin® was included by Turkey FDA into the list of drugs allowed by the Ministry of Health of Turkey for import to the territory of the country on doctors’ demand for particular patients
  • In continuation of the long-term social program, GEROPHARM initiated a new project - "My New Page", the results of which will form a unique publication: the book based on real-life experiences of people with diabetes
  • "Diabetes in Persons: a step towards the society" is recognized as the best business-initiated social projectby the award "Public relations of the Year - 2014"
  • GEROPHARM became the winner in competition "Corporate Calendar 2015" with a series of unique children's calendars in the category "Social Responsibility"
  • GEROPHARM cooperates with leading universities byestablishing unique pharmaceutical competitions, awarding young authors of most promising scientific papers, and inviting the best students for an internship at the GEROPHARM-Bio and R&D center
  • The process of harmonization of regulatory requirements is drawing significant attention of the industry experts. The GEROPHARM specialists contribute to the discussion and development of the optimal solution
  • GEROPHARM started the observational program "Application of modern approaches to insulin therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes". The purpose of the program – to prove the efficacy and safety of the first prescribed insulin therapy, as well as transfer from other recombinant insulins. The program has been started in Moscow as part of the post-marketing analysis and development program of Rinsulin®
  • GEROPHARM continues development of the technological platform by building of new GMP-compliant manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster (Pushkin)
  • Development of the production of active pharmaceutical substances in Russia is one of the most important challenges for the industry. Experts of GEROPHARM together with representatives of relevant ministries and agencies are included in the working group discussing and developing effective measures to further encourage localization of pharmaceutical production
  • The specialists of GEROPHARM were certified by the Ministry of Health as the authorized persons of the manufacturers of medicines for medical use
  • GEROPHARM receives Russian GMP certificate

  • Questions related to the insulin security in the country are in the focus of attention of society and the media. Numerous pieces on the subject have been created in mass media, including the program "Technopark" covering GEROPHARM-Bio - the first manufacturing site in Russia where all the stages of the production of recombinant human insulins are set up within the country. GEROPHARM is able to cover 25% of the Russian demand of insulins
  • An extremely successful international photo contest "Diabetes: My active life in pictures" became an example that this chronic disease is not an obstacle for a fullfilling and active life
  • GEROPHARM becomes even closer to patients’ community through creation of the pages devoted to the specific topics in social networks
  • The photo project "Diabetes in persons" unwaveringly causes sound emotional response from the audience. The photo project was shown at 17 events in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Ulyanovsk, Samara
  • The company continues the tradition of mass-media contests: together with the branch of the SEZ in St. Petersburg, GEROPHARM establishes a special prize in the competition "Golden pen"
  • The head of GEROPHARM Petr Rodionov, is recognized as an "Expert of the year in the field of biotech" according to the Expert North-West magazine
  • GEROPHARM won a number of awards including "Golden mercury", "Platinum ounce", "Press-service of the year" and others
  • GEROPHARM group is taking part in the most significant pharmaceutical exhibitions and conventions, including BIO Convention (San Diego, USA)
  • The company's experts are taking part inthe major industry and business conferences, including the Russian pharmaceutical forum of the Adam Smith Institute, Marcus Evans conferences, Fleming Europe, forum IPhEB, Life Science Invest and others
  • GEROPHARM is involved in the meeting of the Presidium of the presidential Council of the Russian Federation on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia in the field of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals under the presidency of Dmitry Medvedev which was organized in the SEZ "Neudorf"
  • Plant GEROPHARM-Bio and the corporate research center of the company are visited by a number of delegations from other countries as well as from different regions of Russian Federation
  • The company continues optimization of the packaging of drugs: the introduction of pharmacode on the vial label, the instruction and the stack, the valve is perforated to control the first opening, the introduction of a closed blister with bottles and other measures are aimed at maximum customer satisfaction
  • Launch of Memantinol® (INN: memantine)
  • GEROPHARM has successfully passed the GMP audit performed by Ukrainian authorities (certificate PIC/SGMP)
  • R&D center and biotechnology unit nowinclude Genetic Engineering laboratory, Bioprocess Development laboratory, and Bioorganic Chemistry laboratory
  • The company opens an office in Azerbaijan
  • Fort the 3rd consecutive year, GEROPHARM has been rated as one of Russia's fastest growing high-tech companies by the national rating “TehUspekh”
  • GEROPHARM is in the TOP-20 leading Russian pharmaceutical companies. It is ranking 16th among TOP Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of production of its own original products (IMS)