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2004 - 2001

GEROPHARM started in 2001 as a small group of enthusiasts, who despite all the forecasts of analysts and experts were able to prove that the original domestic products had good prospects in the Russian pharmaceutical market and could turn into a successful business line.

  • Providing aid to children who becamevictims of the terrorist attack in Beslan includedshipment of a free lot of Cortexin® to Rostov-on-Don, where the victims underwent treatment
  • Together with the Committee for Matters Relating to Soldiers-Internationalists GEROPHARM held a specialized conference "Quality of Life for War Veterans, Participants of Local Conflicts, Victims of Terrorism and Problem of Comprehensive Rehabilitation"

  • First experience of participation in professional activities and publications of scientific articles about the drugs
  • GEROPHARM became a strategic partner of National Biotechnologies JSC (currently, GEROPHARM-Bio) - Russia's first commercial full-cycle producer of recombinant human

  • The company took part in the Russian National Congress "Man and Medicine" for the first time


  • Foundation of GEROPHARM company, which began its activities with the release of two drugs: Cortexin® (neuroprotector) and Retinalamin® (drug for retina regeneration). Drugs were discovered and developed by the scientists of the Military Medical Academy with their own patented technology