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Export sales development

Export is an important element of the business strategy of GEROPHARM. GEROPHARM started to conquer new geographic markets in 2006. Today, the company and the products are registered in 14 countries.

The company is actively expanding into foreign markets, conducting and participating in relevant scientific conferences, ensuring the participation of the leading experts on specialized areas of medicine, organizing the participation of the experts in the European and worldwide international conferences. GEROPHARM is actively working with the local authorities, holding events for the exchange of experience, relies on the development of exports and chooses the partners with the consideration of the specific characteristics of national markets.

GEROPHARM plans to expand its geographic presence further, including new products which are being implemented in accordance with international standards. Among the priority directions of the development are strengthening of our position in Russia, development of the new markets in Vietnam and North Africa, and registration of drugs in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.


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