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Scientific researches

CJSC Pharm-Holding is a research and development centre within the group of companies GEROPHARM where drug discovery and development activities are performed. In 2011, the company opened a modern R&D centre in the Special economic zone for technical innovation "Neudorf" (St. Petersburg).

The development of biotechnology

Development of biotechnological drugs is priority direction of research for the company. Due to this prioritization in 2014, new laboratories were added to the biotechnological block in the research center. Laboratories cover an area of over 1500 square meters, they are equipped with high-tech equipment and are compliant with international standards in the field of drug development.

Currently, GEROPHARM efforts are aimed at creating complex technologies with high social importance and promotion of drug safety in the country.

Full cycle development

The research center carries out all stages of drug development: from discovery and synthesis of molecules to the development of finished dosage forms, as well as testing and implementation of technologies in industrial production, set-up of preclinical and clinical studies, provides services in contract research activities.

R&D center:

  • Bioorganic chemistry laboratory
  • Analytical Laboratory
  • Laboratory of drug development
  • Genetic Engineering Laboratory
  • Bioprocess development laboratory

Development of drugs is carried out by means of genetic engineering, molecular and cellular biology. The research team consists of PhDs and doctors of Sciences in various fields of medicine, pharmacology, chemistry, biology and technology of medicines. 

Product pipeline

Priority areas of interest for the R&D center are: endocrinology, neurology, and ophthalmology.

Product Pipeline

Standards and accreditation

In 2013, the Testing analytical laboratory was accredited by the Federal service for accreditation (the Federal accreditation service) for compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 to conduct testing activities in accordance with the scope of accreditation. The accreditation certificate ROSS RU.0001.FL from 26.07.2013

More information about the scientific developments of the Group of companies GEROPHARM is available on the official website of CJSC Pharm-holding -