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Diabetes: a step towards the society

Since 2013 “GEROPHARM” has completed a series of projects related to diabetes awareness.

Photo Project “Diabetes in Persons” has become a new tool to attract attention to the problem and a symbol of annual Diabetes Days. A series of portraits of real insulin-dependent people has been performed by the famous Russian photographer Valery Plotnikov. Life stories of the project participants, told in a positive way, touched everybody's feelings. In 2013-2014, the photo project toured the cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Orenburg, Kazan, Simferopol. Such new interactive forms of the project as travelling exhibitions and pages in social networks allowed to significantly enlarge the audience of the project and draw attention of tens of thousands of people to the problem of diabetes.

International Photo Competition "Diabetes: snapshots of my active life" has become a logical continuation of the story of the photo project and proposed a new approach to the theme of a full life with diabetes. The photo competition was focused on active lifestyle, sports, unusual hobbies and everything connected with it. The competition brought together people from all corners of Russia and CIS countries, many participants found new friends, and, crucially, were able to share positive attitude that is so important to maintain high quality of life.

In 2015 GEROPHARM company continued to promote the initiative by implementing a unique project – a book "My New Page".

This new project is very amazing, positive and dynamic. It makes you believe in yourself. The book is "woven" from the stories of real people telling how each of them managed to accept a new reality in which a word "diabetes" appeared. How did these people find the strength to fight? Or learn to lead a rich and fulfilling life but not just survive? The answers to all these questions are given in these sincere stories written by the heroes of the book. All stories are included in the book’s edition.

The projects had an enormous emotional feedback from the participants all over Russia. Furthermore, in 2015 a brand new project “My new page” has started with the theme of stories of real people suffering from insulin-dependent diabetes. The movement got an exciting momentum attracting not only local people from all the corners of Russia but people form CIS countries, Israel, Australia and Cambodia. As an outcome, a new book “My New Page” was born. Life experiences of the book’s heroes will certainly touch many hearts and encourage looking at diabetes in unconventional way thus infusing a revived power to believe in themselves.

The e-version of the book can be found in the group “Diabetes in Persons” in

In 2016 GEROPHARM has launched another project - "Diabetes: Life. Hope. Happiness" which will take place in the company’s social networks and a number of regions of Russia.

We are going to collect the positive stories and life mottos of people with the diagnosis "insulin-dependent diabetes" who are active, have a positive sense of living and lead a fulfilling life trying to overcome various difficulties and achieve unimaginable success.