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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of chronic diseases described by an increased level of sugar in blood.

The most common types of DM are type 1 diabetes (without proper insulin therapy a person may die), type 2 diabetes (more frequently diagnosed) and gestational diabetes (diabetes developing during pregnancy).

Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease associated with impairment of the pancreas. Body’s immune system destroys beta cells in the pancreas causing full or partial stop of insulin production and provoking increasing in the level of sugar in blood. The body cannot produced insulin on its own any longer that is why a patient needs everyday insulin injections. T1D can develop at any age but more often it is diagnosed at the age before 30.

Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes) is a metabolic disease associated with chronic hyperglycemia (an excessive amount of glucose in the blood plasma) developing as a result of impaired interaction between insulin and tissue cells.


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Every year GEROPHARM supports charitable funds, implements social projects aimed at informing on the measures of timely diagnosis and prevention of diseases, and also provides targeted support to families in trouble.

Since 2013, the Company has been implementing the awareness-raising project entitled “Diabetes in Faces” concerning diabetes mellitus and life with this complicated diagnosis. Various social activities were conducted under the project, including “Diabetes in Faces” Photo Project, “Diabetes: photos of my active life” International Photo Contest, book entitled “A new page of mine”, “Stories from the first person”, “Diabetes in Faces: Children” Photo Project.

More details on the project can be found in social media VK and FB.

Together with the charitable fund called “Being Together” the company held an exhibition of photo pictures depicting children with famous people and telling children’s stories about life with diabetes.
It is a unique collection of stories of people who managed to cope with the challenge of the diagnosis of the insulin-dependent diabetes.
First-person stories give an opportunity to other people’s know experience and understand that there are those who live in similar circumstances and despite them they have full vivid life and help thousands of people.
The photo contest is a continuation of a successful story of the photo project “Diabetes in faces” implemented in a new format of addressing the topic of full life with diabetes.
“Diabetes in faces” is a social project primarily aiming at informing on preventing measures, the first symptoms and diagnosis, as well as psychological support for those who faced the diagnosis in reality.

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