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Photobook “My page”, 2015

It is a unique collection of stories of people who managed to cope with the challenge of the diagnosis of the insulin-dependent diabetes.

The new project – vivid, positive and dynamic – makes believe in your strength. The book is “woven” of the stories of real people telling how each of them accepted the new reality where the words “diabetes mellitus” appeared. How were these people able to find strength to fight? To know how to live full and fulfilling life but not just to survive? The characters answered those questions in their sincere first-person stories – all of them were included in the book.

Mission and purpose of the photobook is to instill confidence, show dozens of examples of happy full life and diabetes is not an obstacle. Turning pages of the book, reading one story after another one can truly admire each one of those who achieved such a great victory in their life.

Characters of the book are people of different ages and professions from such countries as: Russia, CIS countries, Australia, the Middle East (Israel), Asia (Cambodia). Each of them facing the diagnosis for the first time had its own way to handle this difficult moment. The characters of the book gladly shared their life experience and achievements and their examples helped look at their diagnosis in a different way and believe that it is never too late to turn a new leaf and to create one’s own history of success.

The photobook was highly estimated by public, doctors, diabetic organizations and people suffering from diabetes.

Download the book >>> knigamoya-novaya-stranitsa.pdf


I would like to thank GEROPHARM for the idea to make the book “My New Page” and for its implementation!
I am sure the honest stories of the characters from the book will encourage many patients to be optimistic, not to despair and to open more and more new pages in their life. Facing a difficult diagnosis it is very important to understand that you are not alone and that many problems can be solved.

“My New Page” tells about true human victories over themselves and their disease. When reading it you understand that diabetes is not a sentence and the characters of the book can teach you a lot.
We would like to thank you for understanding of the diabetes problem and for the attention paid to it.
We wish you new victories and we are waiting for new important social projects of yours!

Chief endocrinologist of Izhevsk Shmykova N. E.

The book has always been a source to know the world, a tool to improve the inner world of a person, that is why the book “Your New Page” will be a benchmark to search for spiritual and moral strength to fight against diabetes especially for young people who got diabetes as children.

We would like to mention that “My New Page” is very demanded among patients with diabetes. We hope that GEROPHARM won’t stop on this project but will keep holding social events of different kinds aimed at informing of the population on preventing measures for socially important diseases.

Best regards, CEO

of Krasnodarsk Regional

Public Organization of Disabled People “Local Diabetic Society of Krasnodarsk”

A. E. Semizarov

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