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Photo project “Diabetes in faces”, 2013

“Diabetes in faces” is a social project primarily aiming at informing on preventing measures, the first symptoms and diagnosis, as well as psychological support for those who faced the diagnosis in reality.

The social project is devoted to people with diabetes mellitus. People of different age and profession took part in it: students, doctors, teachers, artists. The photo project has 22 pictures made with the help of innovative technology of printing photos o aluminum with acryl coating. All photo portraits are made in white and black colors – it helps show the mood of the characters as deeply as possible, look into people’s souls.

“The disease is getting younger and its growth rate is increasing. Healthcare organization across the world sound the alarm. We wanted to do something special, to draw the attention of all levels of society to the problem and to show it from a different angle – that is how we came to an idea of the photo project with real people and their life stories.”

Pyotr Rodionov

Photo artist: Valery Plotnikov is a master of pictures with deep meaning and mood.

Purposes of the project:

  • to draw public attention to the fact that diabetes is widely spread and it can affect everyone regardless of their age and occupation and to encourage to be more careful with their health: people should regularly test blood sugar level and take preventing measures.
  • Fir hundreds of people the diagnosis has become real but life does not stop and does not lose its bright colors and positive experience of the photo project’s characters should be broadcast among wide audience. Their social and psychological support can not only save high quality of life but also make therapy more effective.

History of development

The photo project was presented at the launch ceremony of the GEOPHARM plant manufacturing insulins (Obolensk, Moscow Region) in 2013.

The photo project attracted much attention and evoked great emotional response from society and mass media. During 3 years the photo project was a symbol of the World’s Day of Fight against Diabetes and a new tool to draw attention to the disease problem.

“Diabetes in faces” made a photo tour across Russia and took part both in specialized medical events and in general educational cultural events, exhibitions and conferences. A full collection of photo pictures was presented to wide audience at the Central House of Artist in Moscow.


2nd place in PROBA award,13th in nomination: “The best social PR project”.

Feedback on the project

  1. We, the doctors of the Medical Centre under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are charmed by not only the photoshoot presented by photographer V. Plotnikov by also by a presentation devoted to such a terrible disease of the 21st century as diabetes mellitus. As neurologists in our work we often come across complications after this disease that can cause disability. We would like to thank not only participants of the exhibition but Geropharm company most of all.
  2. Thank you for the beautiful exhibition. We are happy to know that Russia has companies that care about social well-being and people’s health. We are very glad to be your partners. – Hays Recruiting Company, Vikhreva E. A., Medical senior consultant.
  3. We would like to thank Geropharm company for wonderfully arranged exhibition, for its help to patients with diabetes and many other diseases! We wish prosperity to the company, expansion of the scope of its activities. – Dunaeva Larisa Gennadievna, a participant of the photo project.

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