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First-person stories, 2015

First-person stories give an opportunity to other people’s know experience and understand that there are those who live in similar circumstances and despite them they have full vivid life and help thousands of people.

Facing a serious diagnosis a person often gets lost before new circumstances: it is hard to save a positive attitude and to find strength to fight the disease. But it is this positive attitude that remains the best guarantee to cope with any problem. Sometimes another person’s example who already survived similar challenges and has high quality of life and is still achieving success regardless of the diagnosis helps handle the situation.

GEROPHARM implemented a video project about real people, patients who successfully handled their disease saving high quality of life and who can share their experience with others. The videos do not tell about the details of drug therapy and other medical aspects. Positive stories about how each of them turned a new page of their life will become an example for many: an example of achievements and success despite the circumstances.

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