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“Together to recovery”

A project aimed at helping rehabilitation of people suffered from stroke and at helping their families to handle this difficult situation.

Together with the Interregional Public Fund of Assistance to Families of Patients with Stroke ORBI implemented a social program called “Together to recovery”.

In 2017 there was 16 schools of health opened in Russia and now there are 49 of them in total across Russia. 5,000 Russian families got a chance to learn how to take care about people after stroke. Apart from the schools opened in 2018 “Together to recovery” project was developing in a new format of Skype consultations. Patients and their families got a unique opportunity to take part in a group consultation on psychological support and also to get an individual consultation via Skype “Talk to a doctor”.

There were more than 300 Skype consultations held and 9 new schools opened in 2018. 57 schools of health across Russia arranged classes for 8,156 people.

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