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2010 – An year of changes in the Russian pharmaceutical industry

8 February 2011

In 2010, several trends were emerged in the Russian pharmaceutical industry, which largely determine its development for the next years. Year of changes was marked by increased state role, launching programs for support of the innovative medicinal drugs development and the continuation of share growth of domestic drugs.

Enactment of Federal law “On circulation of medicinal drugs” and obligatory regulation of prices for preparations from the Essential drug list since April 1, 2010 have greatly chanced rules of play on the market. Course of modernization of the Russian pharmaceutical industry, which was pursued by Strategy of Pharmaceutical Industry Development up to 2020, continued. Also in 2010, the Government approved and launched the largest by volume of financing target program for stimulation of the development of domestic pharmaceutical manufactures.

GEROPHARM continues implementation of the projects within the scopes of objects determined by the Federal Strategy. The company has become one of the first participants of the pharmaceutical cluster being formed in St. Petersburg. Representatives of GEROPHARM actively took part in the work on conception of the cluster development, which was approved on April, 2010. On June 19, 2010 within the scope of XIV St. Petersburg Economic Forum an investment agreement between the Government of St. Petersburg and GEROPHARM was signed. In new industrial complex according GMP standards the original Russian drugs, innovative developments as well as generic, which are priority in the import substitution program, will be produced.

In parallel with building of a plant, the company plans opening of the research laboratory of FEA Noydorf in summer 2011. On July 20th, 2010 at the opening of business center of FEA Noydorf, E.S. Nabiullina, the Minister of the economic development of the Russian Federation, presented a symbolical key to Director of GEROPHARM, P.P. Rodionov as to the representative of the company - one of the first residents of FEA. The laboratory will contribute to intensification of new preparations development direction, industrial production of new drugs will be established in the plant of the company in the town Pushkin.

GEROPHARM is implementing one more project to expand manufacturing capabilities in Serpukhovskoy district of Moscow Region. In 2010, the preparation for the construction of an industrial complex for production of human recombinant full-cycle insulin, as well as other innovative medicinal drugs for treatment and prevention of diabetes and other socially significant diseases was started.

Implementing of the projects will contribute to the development of GEROPHARM export. For the expansion of contacts with potential foreign partners the company became a member of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in June 2010, released an English version of web-site.

In 2010, GEROPHARM saved a position of one of the largest Russian players in the segment of nootropic drugs for treatment of nervous system and brain diseases. According to independent research company COMCON-PHARMA, 80% of practicing neurologists regularly use the nootropic preparation Cortexin produced by GEROPHARM. In this segment Cortexin confidently ranks on the 2nd place with the market share by 12% (source: Marketing Research Center “Pharmexpert”). In the whole, sales of GEROPHARM company grew by 22,8% in 2010 (in segments: neurology, ophthalmology, endocrinology), which surpassed more than twice the market growth rate of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

2010 year also was marked by several large-scale social actions implemented by GEROPHARM and partner companies. On March – April 2010, GEROPHARM together with PFIZER carried out series of events for doctors and the public dedicated to the World Day against of Glaucoma. In October - November 2010, GEROPHARM and a strategic partner NATIONAL BIOTECHNOLOGIES carried out theme round tables for the media conducted on the eve of the World Day of Diabetes.

Such informing activities raise people’s awareness of danger of socially significant diseases and along with the principal activity of GEROPHARM contributes to solution of actual problems of the Health Care Services

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