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Bayer and GEROPHARM plan to localize production of dipsticks for Kontur TS glucose meter in Russia

2 September 2015

Bayer and GEROPHARM are developing a project for localization of production of dipsticks for Kontur TS glucose meter in the Russian Federation. This agreement is one more step for solution of the import substitution problem and localization of production of the required self-check means for people with diabetes.

“Diabetology is our priority”, comments Petr Rodionov, the Head of GEROPHARM Group. We are preparing an extensive package of up-to-date drugs to cure diabetes which already includes genetically engineered insulins in all product forms: vials, cartridges, autoinjectors. We produce these drugs according to the full cycle principle: from substance synthesis to finished dosage form, and supply them to almost every region of the Russian Federation. Currently we are developing four insulin analogues and their production technologies: They will also be produced at our facilities on the full cycle principle. This summer, we signed a license agreement with a Korean company Dong-A ST for exclusive development and promotion of another new drug for type II diabetes treatment. Thus, we provide the market with high-quality and effective drugs required for hundreds of thousand Russian people. Due to the new project with Bayer, self-check means will also become more affordable, which implies positive effect on maintenance of high-quality life for people with diabetes.”

According to WHO, diabetes global incidence rate is about 347 million people. Diabetes high prevalence rate is caused by such factors as ageing of population, reduction of physical activity, malnutrition: excessive ingestion of sweet and greasy food.

According to the official statistics only, the number of people with diabetes in the Russian Federation is about 4 million. Type II diabetes is the most wide-spread and the most frequent case with people with overweight and low physical activity. The main factor determining quality of life for diabetes-affected people is the early disease detection provided by regular screening. Blood glucose level check is a simple and affordable test which can be done both in laboratory conditions and at home: everyone is able to perform such check by themselves at any time and in any place by means of a glucose meter and special dipsticks.

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