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COMPAREX helped to improve the licensing program of GEROPHARM Group

4 February 2016

COMPAREX has managed to improve GEROPHARM’s software licensing by including all licenses into one contract Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription.

GEROPHARM is engaged in the development, production and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The company’s offices work across the country and in 5 other foreign countries. The Group consists of the research center Pharm-Holding and the biotechnological production site GEROPHARM-Bio.

For several years the company has been using Microsoft programs on the basis of separate purchases of licensed products. With such method of license acquisition it was impossible to control and operate the company’s software to the full extent. The experts at COMPAREX offered to optimize the purchasing costs by including all companies in one contract for licensed software delivery. In order to find the best possible solution, the experts performed the company-wide software inventory that showed the company’s actual license balance and the percentage of used and unused software. On the basis of the received results the optimal licensing scheme Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription was offered.

As a result, GEROPHARM was offered a single, scalable and flexible contract with the possibility to put new PC into operation and add new affiliates at any stage of the three-year contract. In addition, the company received favorable purchasing terms for all Microsoft products, it was also given the possibility to use updated versions of core products and free copies of other additional products for carrying out trainings in the company. The way the software can be controlled was also simplified, which allowed to reduce some load on the IT-budget.

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