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"Faces of diabetes": photo project "GEROPHARM" has been exhibited at the Central House of Artists

7 May 2014

GEROPHARM, GC continues to acquaint the public with the unique photo project “Faces of diabetes”: from 30 April to 12 May 2014 the exhibition is held at the Central House of Artists, Moscow. The author of the project is a famous photographer Valery Plotnikov (Peterburzhskiy)

On 6 May 2014 the official opening and presentation of the exhibition took place. The event was attended by the endocrinology doctors, representatives of patient organizations, heroes of the photo project and partners of GEROPHARM.

Diabetes mellitus is the acute humanitarian problem of modern society which affects millions of people in Russia: patients with diabetes mellitus and their families. Rapidly getting younger the prevalence of diabetes is growing at alarming rate.

Taking into account the great importance of the diabetes mellitus in all its aspects: economic, production and social, in 2013 GEROPHARM initiated a unique photo project “Faces of diabetes” which helps to look at this subject from a new angle.

The photo project involved people of different ages and professions: those for whom diabetes mellitus has firmly rooted in their way of life but life did not lose brightness, joy and ordinary human happiness. Looking at portraits of these people we understand who they want to be in their lives and how Valery Plotnikov saw them.

At the presentation General Director of GEROPHARM Petr Rodionov shared his impressions and thoughts on the photo project : “All the strategies are created and implemented ultimately for people because people are the main value. The exhibition “Faces of diabetes” is intended to show that life does not end with diabetes, that a person can continue to live active and full life and to maintain its high quality. The focus of this project is aimed at real people with their real stories that is why the exposition was so touching, emotional and sincere.

"Valery Plotnikov expressed in return his gratitude to GEROPHARM for the opportunity to touch the social project and to work with ordinary but so different and amazing people: "I am sure that this new artistic way of looking at diabetes will be interesting and useful for a general audience and many people may consider their way of life. This project was of interest to me also as it made possible to meet with different people and they were all extremely positive. And I wanted to show it in my works, reflect the mood of people and their thirst for normal, high-grade life because diabetes is not a sentence, people need to learn to live with it! And how wondrous it is that now due to the opening of the Russian plant these people do not have to be afraid of the absence of the necessary medicines.”

The importance of the efforts of business, patient organizations and people themselves in order to overcome the most difficult problems of modern society that is diabetes mellitus was noted by Elvira Gustova, the president of Moscow Diabetes Association. She stressed that “Faces of diabetes” is an example of a very necessary, demanded project which helps to draw attention to the problem and also contributes to the socialization of people diagnosed with diabetes. The presentation was finished with warm words said by Natalia Ignatenko, Director of the Foundation of support for the music art "THE ELENA OBRAZTSOVA FOUNDATION", who thanked the company for the creation of modern production where live-saving drugs are produced.

All the guests were able to leave comments and wishes to the GEROPHARM and photo project in the guestbook. An enormous interest was caused by the interactive photographic laboratory - the guests had the opportunity to be photographed against the backdrop of the theme stand and with the help of i-table immediately send pictures to their emails.

“Faces of diabetes” is a project that always attracts all audiences. The fate of real people for whom a stable and high-quality medicine is literally the guarantee of long and healthy life allows nobody to stay indifferent. The portraits of the heroes of the photo project including 8-year-old girl, students and adults of different professions - doctors, teachers, artists, are a living reminder to all participants of the conference that all strategies ultimately are intended to improve the quality of life.

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