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"Faces of Diabetes: a step towards society" is the best social project in business

21 April 2015

Awards ceremony of the contest “Press Service of the Year - 2014” took place in Moscow on April 16. Annual contest “Press Service of the Year” was held for the seventh time. 412 companies and organizations from Russia and former Soviet republics filed applications for participation. This year’s contest was truly international. Independent experts and PR practitioners were evaluating projects during two stages. There were 33 projects in the final short-list.

GEROPHARM Group took second place in the category “Best Social Project in Business” presented long-term project “Faces of Diabetes: a step towards society”. The idea to turn to this subject in such a delicate aspect as socialisation and psychological rehabilitation of people with diabetes was generated by Russian pharmaceutical company not by chance. The company engaged in the development and industrial production of insulin is familiar with today’s difficult situation in the society which is developed because of diabetes incidence rate. For several years GEROPHARM conducts outreach activities in order to reverse the situation with incidence rate. The company attracts physicians, journalists and patient community to participate in promotion. But psychological support of patients with such diagnosis, who can not find the strength to change their lives for the better, still remains a problem.

Photo project “Faces of Diabetes: a step towards society”, carried out by GEROPHARM together with the famous photographer Valery Plotnikov, is intended to show that living does not end with diabetes. A person can still live an active, high quality and fulfilling life. Portraits of people of different ages and professions are presented in the gallery. Among them there are 8-year-old girl, students, doctors, teachers and artists. For the first time the presentation of photo project took place during the opening ceremony of GEROPHARM-Bio insulin production complex in October 2013. Because of a huge emotional response from the audience the company decided to continue this project and extend it with new forms.

“We saw the support and the need of such project for patient organizations. We created pages in social networks, organized and held a photo contest “Diabetes. Shots of my active life”, which unexpectedly became an international competition, said Ekaterina Artemyeva, Head of PR Department of GEROPHARM. We saw a huge desire of people to share their positive experience and we were pleased that there were many examples of successful people who achieved their goals and realized their dreams despite diabetes. This experience is very important for people who are just trying to believe in themselves and their strength.”

In 2013-2014 the project was demonstrated in a format of mobile photo exhibitions during specialised pharmaceutical conferences, patient forums and cultural events. During 2014 this photo project was shown in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Samara, Ulyanovsk and became a symbol of the World Diabetes Day in St. Petersburg.

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