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Charity event organized by "GEROPHARM": Movement is life

5 September 2014

September is not only the first month of autumn, but the start of the school year as well. On 1 September the streets are filled with colourful bouquets, pompous first-graders, serious high school students, and happiness of long-expected meetings of classmates. So much new and interesting to come. Russian pharmaceutical company GEROPHARM organized the charity event in Ulyanovsk Children's Specialized Psychoneurological Hospital no. 1 so that children who were in the hospital due to some reasons could feel the festive mood of the Knowledge Day.

On 4 September kids in the Children's Specialized Psychoneurological Hospital no. 1 had a holiday named Movement is life, which was dedicated to the Knowledge Day. During the celebration the children participated in a series of interesting workshops on fabric and clay figures painting. The whole event took place under the leadership of a cheerful entertainer, who would not let anyone get bored; the celebration ended with a tea party with sweet gifts and bags made with the children's own hands, and a soap bubbles show.

Yana, 8 years old: “I loved the party, especially the fact that you can create beautiful things with your own hands.” (Yana decorated a bag) Alyosha, 7 years old: “I liked painting the fabric and competing with the boys for the best craftsman.” Sergey, 12 years old: “I liked making a wish in a huge bubble.”

According to head physician I.B. Palshintseva, such events are very important because they contribute to the development of teamwork skills, interaction in a group of peers, develop perseverance, attention, abstract thinking and fine motor skills, whereas the entertainment programs put children in a good mood and encourage accelerated rehabilitation.

For several years now GEROPHARM's active educational work complements the core activities of the company on the development and production of the modern pharmaceutical medicines. Every year the company initiates activities and joins the global campaigns aimed at raising public awareness of the preventive measures of such diseases as diabetes and glaucoma, as well as at assisting in the rehabilitation and socialization of people with neurological diseases. Assisting in the rehabilitation and adaptation of sick children to life in society is another important step towards improving the quality of life and health made by the company.

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