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Another Award in GEROPHARM’s Collection

13 December 2013

GEROPHARM, Group of Companies and BC Communications became a shortlisted winners and took the 2nd place in the international public relations award PROBA-IPRA Golden World Awards 2013 in category: Best Social PR-Project. Photo Project “Diabetes in Persons” was submitted for award competition - a new format which draws attention to a problem of diabetes and maintains the idea of a human being as a core value. There were real persons engaged in the Project, each with her/her own story to tell. Diabetes had become a routine lifestyle forever for them, but it had not taken their zest for life. The Photo Project was performed by the famous Russian photographer Valery Plotnikov.

Valery Plotnikov expressed his attitude towards the Photo Project and stated the following: “I am convinced that this new artistic viewpoint to diabetes will be of a great interest and benefit to the public and many people would probably give a thought to the lifestyle they are leading. Indeed, diabetes is a real major humanitarian issue nowadays which pertains to lots of people of various ages and social status. For me personally, this project was also interesting because of possibility to come across the different people; all of them are remarkably positive. And this is what I mean to convey in my works, reflect people mood and their strive for normal and productive life. After all, diabetes is not a verdict, one just needs to learn with it! And it is wonderful that now with Russian pharmaceutical plant being opened there will be no need for these people to be afraid of lack of such vitally important drug.”

Head of PR department at GEROPHARM, Group of Companies Ekaterina Artemyeva expressed her gratitude to jury for the high rating and noted: “I am very much pleased with professional acknowledgement of colleagues, but what is more important is that it is the diabetes project that was short-listed as one of the best social projects. GEROPHARM puts a lot of time and efforts into outreach and awareness-raising work aimed at control over the disease and increasing people’s awareness of risk of diabetes. And this PR-award is yet another contribution in our common movement.”

The photo project “Diabetes in Persons” was presented for the first time at the opening ceremony of GEROPHARM-Bio insulin manufacturing plant in October 2013. The photo project caught great attention of the ceremony visitors. And as early as in November, as part of the World Diabetes Day, this project became a kind of a “tool” of drawing attention to the problem of diabetes. The Photo Project was represented in Saint Petersburg and Moscow during the key events devoted to this problem.
It is not for the first year that the educational activity as one of preventive measures intended to stop the incidence rate is one of GEROPHARM’s priorities. Every year social actions are held to increase people’s awareness of preventive measures for such diseases as diabetes and glaucoma as well as to provide assistance in rehabilitation and social adjustment of people with neurological conditions.

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