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PharmEvolution 2016: evolution of technologies, competences and ideas of current capabilities of the Russian industry

31 March 2016

The annual conference of the newspaper Vedomosti "PharmEvolution 2016. Creating conditions for pharmaceutical innovations in Russia: challenges and prospects" was held in Obninsk on March 29. This day was dedicated to the discussion of the most interesting issues on the development of pharmaceutical industry in Russia, during which the market experts could exchange their opinions and pose some questions to the speakers.

The plenary session "Investment attractiveness of the pharmaceutical industry" opened the conference. The Governor of Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov, theDirector of the Department of Medicine Supply and Regulation of Medical Product Circulation Elena Maksimkina, the Director of the Department for Development of Pharmacy and Medical Industry Olga Kolotilova, the Chairman of the Board of the Union of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Clusters Zakhar Golant, the head of GEROPHARM Group Petr Rodionov, and also the representatives of the regional pharmaceutical companies participated in the event.

The experts discussed the issues related to the latest trends in the industry development, real achievements, pressing issues in the field of public procurement and also answered the questions of the moderator, the correspondent of the newspaper Vedomosti Maria Dranishnikova, and other attendees of the conference.

"Over the last few years we have been observing a real evolution in the local pharmaceutical industry: the Russian companies have created a modern infrastructure, have accumulated enough competences to carry out complex projects connected with the new drugs development and their introduction to the market within a short time," said the head of GEROPHARM Group, assessing the development of local industry. "And today, taking into consideration the leading Russian manufacturers, we can speak about high degree of localization – competences on the production of not only finished forms, but also substances," continued Petr Rodionov. "On the basis of this principle, for example, our production of insulin substances is carried out: we produce drugs on the basis of a full cycle principle: from substance synthesis to finished fillled drug forms, and we are also convinced that only such approach can solve the problem, connected with import substitution, as it provides the country with important technologies."

It is crucial that during the first phase of the program "PHARMA-2020" we have managed, first of all, to change the industrial consciousness towards the creation of such manufacturing sites and the creation of corporate science, without which it is impossible to move forward: technology transfer, creation of innovative and following in their class drugs. And we can find such products in the market now.

The harmonization of legislative regulations must be the following stage: it is important that the necessary measures for industry development are accepted, but they are often offered not at the time they are needed, as it happened, for example, with the law "the third is superfluous". It would be great if all regulatory changes were the driver of the whole industry reforming process, and investors could rely on them as on existing supportive measures instead of initiating the projects, relying on general and right course of the Federal Target Program on the development of pharmaceutical industry. Today, one of the most relevant regulatory measures, which could give a necessary impulse to the whole reforming process, should be the preferences granted to manufacturers depending on the depth of localization".

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