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Photo project “Faces of Diabetes” now in social media

7 July 2014

GEROPHARM continues to acquaint the public with the photo project “Faces of Diabetes”. Now everyone can see and evaluate the project on a Facebook page. Also, you’ll find here a lot of useful information on diabetes mellitus: news, useful advice and recommendations, recipes, stories about famous people living with diabetes mellitus, scientific publications, music and video that put you in a good mood. Visit us and invite your friend at

Diabetes mellitus is an acute humanitarian problem of modern society which affects millions of people in Russia: patients with diabetes mellitus and their families. Rapidly getting younger the prevalence of diabetes is growing at an alarming rate.

Taking into account the great importance of the diabetes issue in all of its aspects, both economic, production-related, and social, in 2013 GEROPHARM initiated a unique photo project “Faces of Diabetes” which helps to look at this subject from a new angle.

The photo project involved people of different ages and professions: those for whom diabetes has firmly rooted in their lifestyle but life did not lose brightness, joy and ordinary human happiness. Looking at portraits of these people, we understand what they want to be in their lives and how Valery Plotnikov saw them.

“Faces of Diabetes” is a project that always attracts all audiences. Real life stories of real people for whom stable and high-quality medication is literally a guarantee of long and healthy leave no one indifferent. The portraits of the characters of the photo project including an 8-year-old girl, students, and adults of different professions – doctors, teachers, artists – are a living reminder to all participants of the conference that all strategies ultimately are intended to improve the quality of life. Join us at!:

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