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GEROPHARM discussed the dynamics of import substitution at the forum "GOSZAKAZ - FOR fair purchases"

25 March 2016

GEROPHARM participated in the All-Russian forum "GOSZAKAZ – FOR fair purchases" which was held from March 23 till March 25 in VDNH.

The representatives of various ministries and departments, including the First Deputy Minister of Health Igor Kagramanyan and the Director of the Department of Development of Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Olga Kolotilova, visited the event.

In the framework of the collective exposition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade GEROPHARM showed its product pipeline: genetically engineered human insulins –Rinsulin® R (short-acting) and Rinsulin® NPH, which represent a successful project in the field of import substitution - following the results of 2015, the market share has increased by 10 times from less than 1% to 10%. GEROPHARM also presented its original products in the fields of neurology and ophthalmology: Cortexin®, Cortexin® for children, Retinalamin® and generics - Memantinol®, Levetinol®. The company also presented the professional community its new drug products, which had been introduced into the market earlier in 2015: the original drug Pineamin®, which opened a new area of expertise for the company – women's health, and the modern neuroprotective drug product, generic Recognan®, which has a wide range of therapeutic facilities: it is used for the treatment of such diseases likeischaemic stroke,acute and recovery stage of traumatic brain injury, cognitive and behavioral impairment associated with neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases.

Today, the forum-exhibition "GOSZAKAZ – FOR fair purchases" is the only event in Russia that brings the participants of state, municipal and corporate procurement together on one exhibition platform with a hard-driving program, involving the discussions of different issues: from regulatory mechanisms and procedures for conducting procurement in new economic conditions to the discussion of key problems connected with the procurement in separate sectors of the market.

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