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GEROPHARM opened the research and development center in the administrative and business center SEZ “Saint Petersburg”

8 December 2011

On the 7th of December 2011 there was the opening ceremony of the research and development center of the GEROPHARM company in a special economic zone of technology-innovative type (SEZ T&I TYPE).

Saint Petersburg governor Georgy Poltavchenko, chairman of St. Petersburg's Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade (CEDIPT) Yevgeny Yelin, GEROPHARM CEO, Peter Rodionov, the CEO of JSC “Special Economic Zones” Oleg Kostin, rector of St. Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy Igor Narkevitch and also numerous representatives of authorities, science, business and MSM were among the guests who took part in the opening ceremony. The governor saw over the laboratories of the R&D center along with holding a conference on Saint Petersburg Pharmaceutical cluster development.

The new R&D center of the GEROPHARM company will operate a full cycle complex pharmaceutical development consisting of synthesis and screening of new molecules, development, analysis and innovation in new drugs and medical products (diagnostic systems) production. One of the separate lines of activities is carrying-out of wide range of analyses aimed at clinical development support.

“This modern R&D center became one of the first centers in Saint Petersburg opened within a matter of developing pharmaceutical cluster”, — mentioned the chairman of CEDIPT Yevgeny Yelin.

The R&D center construction investments exceed 120 million roubles. The amount of new workplaces in the laboratories of the R&D center is more than 50. The R&D center consists of the synthetic and analytical laboratories along with the development laboratory for finished dosage form. All the divisions are modern equipped, and the company expects the innovation of the newest Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in the near future.

CJSC Pharm-Holding, an affiliated company of GEROPHARM, is liable for the R&D direction’s growth as well as the construction of a new laboratory complex. Since that moment all the company’s developments will be carried out on the basis of the new R&D center.

Today, all the research officers of Pharm-Holding work at the invention of the products aimed at the treatment of socially significant diseases, diseases in neurology, ophthalmology, urology, gynecology, endocrinology, hepatology and also serious vascular abnormalities. Along with the development of pharmaceutical products, the company carries out the development of medical products (diagnostic systems) allowing diagnosing the early stages of diseases and monitoring the efficiency of therapy.

Among the projects of the most priority there is also the development of an innovative genetically engineered product on the basis of C-Peptide (treatment of complications of diabetes), analogue insulin (diabetes treatment) and fractionated heparin (treatment of thrombosis and thrombembolias, strokes and infarcts).

Scientific researches in the field of C-Peptide (fragments of the proinsulin molecule) are an innovative direction of the modern pharmaceuticals industry development. From the middle of the 90’s there is an active research of C-Peptide’s functions and possible therapeutical role this product plays in the world. And now it is scientifically proved that C-Peptide sharply slows down and prevents development of the most serious complications of diabetes.

The company’s project on research and development activity concerning an innovative product on the basis of C-Peptide parcticipates in FTP “Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Federation until 2020 and beyond.” The field of applications of the developing pharmaceutical product is pathogen control of vascular complications of diabetes’ emergency and prevention of their progression. In 2011 the company has finished an important stage of its researches. It has developed the technology of reception of the product on the basis of C-Peptide. At the present time Pharm-Holding’s scientists continue the researches on searching of the most optimal pharmaceutical forms.

The company’s workings out in the field of analogue insulin and fractionated heparin have a top-priority meaning of prime importance for the Russian pharmaceutics industry since the domestic pharmaceutical production of these pharmaceutical products is absent in the country at the moment. The products presented on the market are the patented products of the foreign companies. In addition, according to the data from “Pharmexpert” Market Research Centre (MRC), in 2010 the market volumes of analogue insulin and fractionated heparin in Russia amounted to USD 157 and 86 million dollars, respectively.

The company intends to submit documents for registration of analogue insulin and fractionated heparin in 2012. The release of the developing products will be adjusted on Geropharm‘s production areas, including the factory which is now being built in the town of Pushkin, within a matter of developing pharmaceutical cluster.

According to the words of Georgy Poltavchenko, the residents of Saint Petersburg Pharmaceutical cluster will be able to take part in municipal order competitions in the next year already. “I am confident that they will give both quality and price which the town will be interested in, and that means the products will get to St. Petersburg’s drugstores, hospitals and clinics”, – said Georgy Poltavchenko.

“The creation of its own R&D center specializing on carrying out of full cycle complex pharmaceutical development will allow the company to strengthen the direction on creation and release of new socially important pharmaceutical products (as well as innovative and improved generic ones, prioritized for import substitution), — commented Peter Rodionov, the GEROPHARM CEO. — The realization of the present project will accelerate and make the introduction process of scientific research results in industrial production as effective as possible”.

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