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GEROPHARM opens representative office in Kazakhstan

27 May 2011

On May 21st the ceremonial reception where GEROPHARM representatives met with main specialists of Kazakhstan in the field of neurology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, and therapy took place. The event was dedicated to the opening of the representative office in Kazakhstan. The participants of the meeting once again emphasized the importance of the work carried out by the company in the Republic over a period of four years.

GEROPHARM has been working in Kazakhstan since 2007 when medicinal preparations Cortexin (effective neuroprotector) and Retinalamin (ophthalmologic preparation, stimulator of retinal regeneration) were registered, and the first export deliveries of these preparations began. Today Retinalamin and Cortexin are included in the preparation formulary of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are widely used in medical practice.

Before the registration of the representative office GEROPHARM’s presence in the Kazakhstan market was facilitated by the company’s strategic partner in Kazakhstan – AMANAT company. From now on the representative office of GEROPHARM is responsible for all the promotion of preparations in the Kazakhstan market, for the collaboration with the medical institutions and the organization of the industry events. Having retained its status of GEROPHARM’s strategic partner, AMANAT LLP will provide the distribution of preparations and work with retail networks.

The company plans to increase the sales of preparations by 40 % till the end of 2011 as compared to the previous year, as well as to register Cortexin for children in the Republic. There are also further plans to launch on the Kazakh market new medicinal preparations and products which are being developed at the present.

“The considerable potential of the Kazakhstan market and the active development of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic were the key preconditions for opening the representative office in Kazakhstan. - says GEROPHARM CEO, Peter Rodionov. – In the course of time it became apparent that the strategic partnership was not enough and a separate branch office would contribute considerably to strengthening the company’s positions in the Kazakhstan market. We are confident that our presence in Kazakhstan will make it possible for the patients of the Republic to get high-quality and effective medicinal preparations, the security of supply provided; it should eventually provide an access to some of the state-of-the-art, innovative products of the company.”

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