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Geropharm shared its experience of R&D center establishment during the Pharmaceutical Forum of the Adam Smith Institute

25 May 2012

22 - 24 May in Saint Petersburg hosted the 18th International Russian Pharmaceutical Forum Adam Smith Institute. It is probably the biggest event pharmaceutical industry in Russia, in which recognized experts, the top management of the world's leading companies take part every year. Analysis of current business climate, legal aspects of activities, the key trends and development prospects of pharmaceutical industry of Russia are not the whole range of issues raised at the conference. There have been conducted just more than 15 sessions which allowed participants to get a comprehensive picture of the state of the industry today.

This year, the forum was attended by more than 90 speakers. Among them were the leaders of both Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies, distributors, retail chains and government officials, legal consultants.

Nikita Minayev, the Director of Business Development of Geropharm was invited to the forum as one of the industry experts; he spoke at the session on the innovative development of the industry. Also the event was attended by top managers of the Russian and international companies, such as STADA Group, AstraZeneca, Novartis Consumer Health, Akrikhin.

During the session, the speakers reviewed the main sources of innovation development, among which was named R&D, mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances. The speakers shared their international experience of successful partnership deals, highlighted key trends in the local market and also touched on the basic legal issues.

Development of R&D in Russia was a separate topic of the discussion. Mr. Minayev, in his speech stated that today the country has created favourable conditions for the nucleation of innovations. There are investments and support from the state for this purpose that gives rise to creation of modern scientific research centres in Russia. Geropharm’s representative shared its experience in creation of modern R&D centre of a world-class, which was opened in December 2011 in a special economic zone Neudorf. Today innovative medicines are developing in laboratories of the centre; such medicines will eventually be produced at Geropharm industrial sites.

In addition, the presenter added that Geropharm open to international cooperation and various forms of cooperation with the Russian and foreign companies. A number of projects aimed at development of innovative medicinal preparations are already being shared with foreign colleagues from the U.S., Japan, Australia and Italy.

The recent Russian Pharmaceutical Forum, of course, became one of the most interesting events in its field. As noted by the participants, the event provides a unique opportunity to get familiarized with different points of view about future paths of development of the Russian pharmacy and find solutions to existing problems by means of cooperation.

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