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GEROPHARM participated in the International Ophthalmology Congress "White Nights"

3 June 2016

The International Congress "White nights" was held on May 30 - June 3 in St. Petersburg. It was dedicated to the recent developments in the sphere of diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma, surgical treatment of cataract, neuroophthalmology, treatment of inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of cornea and conjunctiva, and other issues of modern ophthalmology.

The satellite symposium "Is retinoprotection possible? From theory to practice" was held as part of the Congress. The event was headed by the Chief Ophthalmologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Professor Vladimir Neroev.

The isssues, connected with such complex dystrophic diseases like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, which are the main reasons for poor eyesight and blindness, were discussed at the symposium. In case of such pathologies the issues on optic nerve and retina preservation are the most pressing ones.

According to the results of the symposium, Retinalamin® is the only organotropic drug with a proved effect on retina and optic nerve. In addition, the ophthalmic pathology stated in the instruction, allows a doctor to prescribe Retinalamin® in all cases of ophthalmologic pathologies.

At the end of the satellite symposium 39 questions, focused on retinoprotection and Retinalamin’s sphere of action, were posed to the lecturers.

An exhibition, where GEROPHARM also participated, was held as part of the Congress. The stand was decorated in the style of "Provence" with floral arrangements made of dry and fresh lavender. Its aroma attracted the guests to the stand. Each of them received a buttonhole of dry lavender and thyme as a gift from the company.

Each year the Congress attracts more than one and a half thousand of the best specialists in the field of ophthalmology from different regions of Russia, the CIS countries and the whole world.

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