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"GEROPHARM" extends boundaries

4 June 2014

On 5 March 2014, GEROPHARM held a formal opening of its representation office in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The office is located in Baku.

GEROPHARM has been supplying medicines to Azerbaijan since 2007 with the help of a partner company, which provided a full range of distribution and promotional services for GEROPHARM products.

“Azerbaijan is one of the few promising pharmaceutical markets in the post-Soviet domain, which is why the opening of a fully-functional representation office in this country has become a real challenge for the company,” Konstantin Yenikov, Director of the Sales Department at GEROPHARM, comments. “Azerbaijan is a dynamically growing economy oriented towards implementing the highest quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry in respect of both the products sold and, importantly, the related information support. The Government takes a very responsible approach to the selection of manufacturers and suppliers of medicines – as something on which the health of its citizens directly depends. Very few companies, indeed, could tackle the challenge of winning confidence in their products and taking up a serious position in the local market, not to mention opening a representation office, but lo and behold, we did it!”

Expansion into foreign countries is a strategically important focus area on GEROPHARM’s development agenda. The representation office in Azerbaijan has become the fifth one opened in the CIS. To date, the company’s products are represented in 75 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and in 13 CIS and non-CIS states.

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