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GEROPHARM in Technopark

16 October 2014

On 11 October Russia-24 aired a Technopark episode dedicated to GEROPHARM — the first company on the Russian market which developed its own technology and established an industrial production of genetically engineered human insulin on the basis of a full cycle — starting from the substance up to the ready dosage form.

In the current difficult foreign policy situation the ability of the industry to provide its own domestic market with essential drugs, including insulin, is of a great concern. Until recently, up to 70% of the pharmaceutical products were presented with imported drugs. The domestic sector has examples of successful new enterprises, which have already created modern technological platforms, introduced the know-how, and produce modern medicines in accordance with the world standards.

One such company is GEROPHARM-Bio, part of the GEROPHARM Group of Companies. Today insulin has become a consumer product rather than a category of medicines. Every year the need of the country for insulin increases by 20%. That is why the development of the Russian full cycle production of such a socially significant medicine is a priority and the key to drug safety.

The following people took part in the program: Petr Rodionov, Head of GEROPHARM, Group of Companies, Gleb Feldman, Head of Biotechnology Department of GEROPHARM, Group of Companies, Sergey Tsyb, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Elena Maksimkina, Director of the Department for Pharmacological Support and Regulation of the Circulation of Medical Supplies, Ministry of Healthcare of Russia, and Alexander Potapov, Deputy CEO, Executive Director and Board Member of the RVC.

You can watch the full version of the program at the following link:

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