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GEROPHARM launches a new educational website devoted to a subject of climax

17 March 2016

This year GEROPHARM, one of the leaders among the Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, has brought a new original domestic drug to the market. This opened a new therapeutic area for the company – women's health and the management of menopausal transition.

Carrying on the tradition of rising public awareness and developing educational programs connected with the diseases, which fall within the company’s expertise, GEROPHARM has launched a new resource – Exclusive solutions in the period of age-related changes and the advice of competent specialists will help women of elegant age to find the most appropriate approaches to this sensitive problem. The main thing is to maintain a high quality of life as it is possible to enjoy it at any age!

It is possible to learn more about different aspects of the subject from the articles of gynecologists, psychologists and cosmetologists: some useful tips will help to improve the state of health during this sensitive transition period, and learn more about modern approaches aimed to help you to find the best therapeutic complex for resistant Anti-age effect, and of course, provide the opportunity to stay in a good mood. And anewly acquired inspiration will allow each woman to consider this period of life as a precious gift.

Enjoy this golden time of freedom, be creative and receive compliments!

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