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GEROPHARM Group supported Diabetes Meeting 2015

6 May 2015

For the forth year the Meeting was held in the children’s camp “Energetik” in a beautiful forest in the Nizhny Novgorod region. More than 140 participants of different age from numerous regions of Russia arrived to this Diabetes Meeting.

The event, initially organized in 2012 for a small girl Lera from Orel, today has become one the most visited and awaited diabetes event of the year. Hundreds of people with diabetes from all over the country want to go to the Nizhny Novgorod region during May holidays. There is a portal “My Diabetes” and its founder Denis Mamaev organize an annual gathering of people who are concerned with diabetes issue.

Opening the meeting, Denis Mamaev welcomed all participants and wished them to spend time with joy and benefit: “This is the Fourth Diabetes Meeting and it could become international, but foreign guests could not arrive here due to the crisis. Every year we are growing which means that this event is popular and interesting. Every year we try to create a programme so each participant, either a child or an adult, can do or get something during the Meeting”.

Mikhail Bogomolov, President of Russian Diabetes Association (RDA) also attended the event: “We start to move from Internet community where nobody knows each other personally to strong and related real-life community with regular meeting. Such community can unite hundreds and thousands of people all over the country, and together we will be able to resist diabetes and improve the quality of life with this disease”.

Mikhail Bogomolov awarded Elena Antonets, one of the most active participant and tutor of the portal “My Diabetes”, the bronze memorial sign “We are stronger together” featuring image of a dolphin (it is commonly known that dolphins do not suffer from diabetes) and the honorary certificate for education of responsible people with diabetes who know how to compensate the disease.

GEROPHARM Group supported the event and organized for participants various educational tasks. A unique photographic laboratory was open throughout the day and everyone could take a photo in front of a chamomile valley.

An enormous interest was caused by a master class in cooking of delicious and healthy food which everybody could taste afterwards. This master class was attended by a skilled chef assisted by a young mother, the participant of the Meeting. Alla Sergeevna Polyashova, expert on healthy and therapeutic food, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology of the Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Academy, Director of Therapeutic Food Centre, Chair of the Nizhny Novgorod Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists, was giving comments on preparation of the food and advises on healthy and balanced diets.

GEROPHARM offered all participants of the Meeting to take part in the unique contest “My new page”. “We collect stories of real people with diabetes who have faced this diagnosis for the first time and experienced this difficult moment in their own way”, explained Vera Eremeeva, PR manager of GEROPHARM, to the participants of the Meeting. She added: “What helped you to accept the new reality? What helped you to open a new page and write your own story of success? We believe that positive life experience of real people will help thousands of patients to look at their diagnosis in a new way, to believe in themselves and to understand that it is never too late to open a new page in life. The stories about new heroes will be included in the book “My new page” which will be published at the World Diabetes Day 2015”.

The program of the Diabetes Meeting presented a busy schedule. Centre for Children and Youth Tourism of the Nizhny Novgorod region arranged rope adventures for participants. Field for orienteering, rope park and climbing frame were built. Guests could take part in such games as “wooden fishing” or orienteering: Team play for children and adults required to explore camp’s territory, use concentration and knowledge.

Sport and health-improving activities included also a warming-up organized by Tamara Mamaeva, administrator of the “My diabetes” portal. With her help participants of the Meeting learnt the exercises for joints. Evgeniy Shubin, participant of the Meeting and professional yogi, made a lecture and held a practical yoga training.

Educational part of the programme included a lecture made by Mikhail Bogomolov on diabetes and its mechanisms. Diabetes diaries of several participants were studied during this lecture. Elena Vladimirovna Kolbasina, Chief Child Endocrinologist of the Region, Head of the Department of Endocrinology of Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital, made an interactive lecture and gave useful practical advises to everybody who had unsettled questions on managing and understanding of diabetes. Igor Mokrushin, 16-year old guest from the Mari El Republic, shared his impressions on the Meeting: "I attended various lectures and schools on diabetes management, but neither in Moscow, nor in Yoshkar Ola I met a truly aware physician who could simply and interestingly explain what was going on in my body. I am happy that I have come here and now I can calculate insulin dose more precisely”.

At the end of the Meeting all teams participated in touring contests received their awards. As a culmination coloured air balloons with dearest wishes of participants were festively launched. It is important that as a result of the Meeting its participants obtained not only new useful knowledge, but also positive emotions which will help them to achieve good compensation of diabetes and high quality of life.

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