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GEROPHARM Group presents new social project "My New Page"

19 October 2015

The company has already waged several large-scale campaigns, such as "Diabetes in Persons"- a photo project, presenting series of portraits of real people with diabetes, executed by famous Russian photo artist Valery Plotnikov, "Diabetes: Pictures of my Active Life"- an international competition that proved that diabetes is not a sentence, and showed that even in such situation each person can live a high quality life, and a competition among journalists for the best series of articles devoted to all aspects of diabetes, and many others.

Realizing the importance of drawing society’s attention to such socially significant diseases, GEROPHARM Group continues to promote this initiative.

"My new page" is a book that energizes you with a positive sense of living and makes you believe in yourself. The book "is woven" from the stories of real people telling how each of them managed to accept a new reality, in which a word "diabetes" appeared. How did all these people find the strength to fight? How did they manage to live a rich and fulfilling life but not just survive? The answers to all these questions are given in these sincere stories written by the heroes of the book. All stories are included in the book’s edition.

The e-version of the book can be found in the group “Diabetes in Persons” in VKontake

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