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GEROPHARM took part in the All-Russia People’s Front Forum

8 September 2015

A forum on health issues took place in Moscow from 6th to 7th of September with about 600 participants: patients, doctors, scientists, drug producers, civil activists, experts, journalists, representatives of authorities of relevant ministries and departments.

Activists of the All-Russia People’s Front have carried out considerable work on study of the healthcare sector situation prior to the forum. Data on the most urgent problems were compiled in a report and presented at the conference.

The business program was accompanied by an exhibition where GEROPHARM Group presented its newly developed products within the import substitution program, namely genetically engineered insulins, at the collective stand: Rinsulin® R and Rinsulin® NPH in various product forms: autoinjectors, vials, cartridges. Apart from that, the company’s plans include development and production of analogue insulins: lispro, aspart, glargin, degludec. The new drugs will be produced on the full cycle principle: from substance to finished dosage form that guarantees development of the required competences within the industry and enhancement of the national drug safety.

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