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GEROPHARM, Group of Companies took part in the XXI International Ophthalmology Congress “White Nights”

1 June 2015

XXI International Ophthalmology Congress “White Nights” took place in the conference centre of Saint Petersburg Hotel in Saint Petersburg on May 25-29.

The Congress is devoted to the new technologies of treatment for glaucoma, cataract surgery, corneal and conjunctival dystrophic-degenerative disease treatment, neuro-ophthalmology, pharmaceutical and surgical treatment of retinal and choroidal vascular disease, orbital pathology, refraction surgery, vision correction and other therapeutic, technological and research aspects of the modern ophthalmology.

Every year the Congress attracts well above 1,500 ophthalmology professionals from all over Russia, CIS countries and other countries. The “White Nights” International Ophthalmology Congress is Russia’s leading event for ophthalmology professionals. Each year GEROPHARM, Group of Companies takes part in this Congress which is important for ophthalmology community.

During the Congress an exhibition takes place in which the majority of leading Russian and international manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment takes part. This year GEROPHARM also prepared its corporate stand and presented Retinalamin (ophthalmic product).

As part of the event, a series of symposiums and seminars took place addressing the most important issues of modern ophthalmology. Scientific and practical symposium organized by GEROPHARM was devoted to modern approaches in treatment of dry age-related macular degeneration, experience of ophthalmoneuroprotection in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment, neuroprotective treatment of patients with glaucoma and efficiency of retina protectors refresher courses for treatment of dry age-related macular degeneration.

Chairmen of the symposium were leading Russian ophthalmology professionals: V.V. Neroev, Chief Ophthalmologist at the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and Yu.S. Astakhov, Chief Ophthalmologist at the Committee for Public Health of St. Petersburg.

The symposium’s programme included the following speakers: O.V. Zaytseva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, S.S. Florentseva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, D.V. Fokina, Candidate of Medical Sciences and N.V. Morozova, Candidate of Medical Sciences. The speakers have provided empirical data referring to the need of Retinalamin use during early stages of primary open angle glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration when the damage of retina and optic nerve is not so apparent and there is a chance to save the vision. It has been noted that to preserve and improve achieved clinical effects it is recommended to administer Retinalamin every three months. It has been also announced that Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases launches a comparative clinical study on efficacy of Retinalamin refresher courses (4 times per year) compared to 2 courses of Retinalamin per year. The symposium and speeches provoked great interest of the ophthalmogists: a lot of practical questions were asked by an audience and guests of the symposium. Physicians had an opportunity to share their experience and get practical advises for complicated cases.


GEROPHARM Group of Companies is a dynamically growing company that develops and produces high quality drug products for the Russian market identified as a priority in terms of import substitution. The company invests in technological development and creation of modern pharmaceutical infrastructure. The company is among the top 20 leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is ranged 16th among TOP Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of production of its own original products. The company’s strategical goals are in line with the main tasks of the industry addressed by the state federal programmes PHARMA-2020 and BIO-2020. GEROPHARM is the only manufacturer of the original drug Retinalamin (ophthalmic product which stimulates retina regeneration). Products are produced on the company’s own patented technology.

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