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Group of Companies "GEROPHARM" develops biotechnological line

8 August 2014

New laboratories were opened in GEROPHARM R&D centre to enhance the development of biological products. The genetic engineering, bioprocess development, and biochemistry laboratories were included in the biotechnology unit.

The R&D centre was opened in the Neudorf SEZ in December 2011. In 2013 its area was 2-fold extended and amounted to more than 1.5 thousand sq.m. The R&D centre specializes in the development of drugs on the basis of a full-cycle (from molecules synthesis to finished dosage form), tests and puts drugs in manufacturing, as well as arranges preclinical and clinical studies.

The genetic engineering laboratory develops strains producing recombinant proteins. The biochemistry laboratory is engaged in development of pilot technologies for production of biological drugs from natural sources of plant and animal origin. In addition, the laboratory is engaged in the improvement of existing technologies and participates in all biotechnology unit’s projects, for example, performs processes of chemical modification of proteins. The bioprocess development laboratory specializes in the optimisation of critical points of the manufacturing process, performance of pilot tests of production of recombinant proteins, their purification and quality control in vitro. Following the studies experts make recommendations on scaling of processes for their application in industrial production.

R&D is an important aspect of GEROPHARM’s activity; budget share of R&D expenditure grows annually. Medical product development projects, especially those involving biotechnological methods, are long-term, as they require numerous studies, and are associated with significant financial investments and their long payback period.

Currently, GEROPHARM carries out a total of more than 15 projects, including the development of drugs for diabetes treatment, as well as analogue insulins, nootropics, drugs for dementia and brain injury treatment, urological drugs.

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