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GEROPHARM-Bio implemented dispatch, analysis and optimization system for pharmaceutical products manufacturing

11 June 2015

At the factory of GEROPHARM-Bio, one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, a system for dispatch, analysis and optimization of manufacturing was implemented. This system is based on Wonderware software by Schneider Electric. The system provides control over process parameters and production progress in real time. It also allows to draw up operating logs with the required by various specialists level of detail.

GEROPHARM, Group of Companies, is among the top 20 leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers. It is ranged 16th among TOP Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of production of its own original products. The company is the first Russian industrial manufacturer of genetically engineered human insulins which are produced on the basis of a full-cycle from the substance biosyntheses up to the ready dosage form. At the end of 2013 the company opened a new manufacturing complex in Moscow region. Most of the activities at the plant are performed by automated production systems with modern local control systems.

One of the most important tasks following the launch of this new plant was to create a unified information system for dispatch and optimization of manufacturing. Objectives of this project were to increase reliability of operating logs, provide visual representation of information on separate parameters for company specialists and increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE) in order to determine optimal operating conditions of production lines, identify bottle necks, causes of failures and downtimes.

Within the project interfaces for automatic collection of data from local control systems were developed. A single repository for proprietary information was created. Algorithms of key performance indicators (KPI) calculation were implemented. Report forms for production monitoring and analysis were developed. The system provides control over drugs production progress in real time. It performs calculation, monitoring and analysis of KPI for performance and overall equipment efficiency as well as for products quality.

Implementation of the system allowed the company to improve the quality of collected information on manufacturing process and create conditions for bottlenecks identification. All this will lead to more efficient operation of equipment and will accelerate the achievement of performance target in terms of capacity load and performance of the equipment.

The system is developed by Summa Tekhnologiy LLC based on Wonderware software by Schneider Electric. The software has all necessary functions for this kind of projects, such as: Integration with equipment control systems and corporate information systems, high-performance system for data collection, processing and storage of technology information, advanced and easy to use system for production analysis, flexible architecture and a costeffective possibility of phased system extension.

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