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GEROPHARM presented its contribution to the innovative development of the region

3 October 2011

On 28-20 September one of the most significant events of the Saint Petersburg business life - IV Saint Petersburg international innovative forum - took place.

The event organized by the government of St. Petersburg has focused on the stimulation and development of the innovative activity in Russia, as well as development of key decisions on the implementation of the innovative economic development. Among the forum participants - there were more than 10 thousand people – were representatives of the leading Russian and foreign companies, officials, experts, whose professional activity is related to innovative development. The event program has implied holding of congress and business parts as well as extensive exposition of innovative projects.

One the main aims of the forum in Saint Petersburg is making of efficiency dialogue and cooperation between all participants of the innovative process including the investors and the city administration. In addition, the event represents the innovative development of the leading Russian and foreign companies.

On September 29 within the forum a meeting of the Coordination Council for development of the pharmaceutical cluster of St. Petersburg with the participation of the city government. Representatives of the companies participating in the pharmaceutical cluster, city administration as well as R&D institutes have gathered to discuss topical issues of the cluster’s development in the region. Heads of the leading pharmaceutical companies have told about their current projects. Peter Rodionov, CEO of GEROPHARM, has made a report and informed about current status and future plans of the construction of the production complex in the industrial zone “Pushkinskaya” and R&D-center in SEZ “Neudorf”.

Last week a decree by the St. Petersburg government about change of the terms of the investment agreement with the GEROPHARM and extension of the company’s territory in the industrial zone “Pushkinskaya” up to 7 hectares were accepted. It will contribute to increase the territory of the unique high-tech production complex that is currently being built by company for the production of the pharmaceutical drugs. Expansion of the production areas required subject to plans to expand the range of drugs and new directions of the innovative development which were chosen by the company. The first stage of the construction of the industrial complex is planned to finish by company in 2014.

Construction of R & D-center in the SEZ "Neudorf" is in the final stage. The main research directions of the new laboratory will be innovative peptide and human recombinant drugs of the new generation, state-of-the-art diagnostic systems as well as improved generic drugs, which will be produced in the new facilities. Pharmaceutical development (complex of procedures for the development, analysis and adoption of the new drugs) which will be implemented in company’s R&D-center in SEZ “Neudorf” will speed up the process of adoption of the laboratory products in industrial production, as well as to minimize technical problems of that transactional stage.

The company "GEROPHARM" also took part in the exposition of the event and presented their projects to visitors on the stand of the St. Petersburg pharmaceutical cluster.

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