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Geropharm took part in the XVIII White Nights Ophthalmologic Congress

7 June 2012

The Congress was held in Saint Petersburg, May 28 - June 1 at the Congress Centre of Saint Petersburg Hotel. Geropharm annually takes part in this landmark event for the ophthalmic community. This year, the Congress has traditionally gathered leading experts from Russia, the USA and Europe.

There were series of workshops and seminars covering the most topical issues of ophthalmology in the course of the event. The Scientific and Practical Symposium organized by Geropharm was devoted to neuroprotection in dystrophic diseases of the eye. Ye.A. Yegorov, MD, professor of the Russian National Research University named after N.I. Pirogov, in his speech stressed the urgency of the problem due to increasing incidence of myopia among the population. Report describes the main features of medical correction of disease.

O.I. Sarygina, Candidate of Medical Science, the Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Pathology of Retina and Optic Nerve at the Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases, acquainted the participants of the symposium with the results of a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of Retinalamin medicinal preparation in treatment of myopic disease.The study involved 90 patients diagnosed with myopia with degenerative changes of the retina.

The conclusion made on the basis of the results of the study states that the use of Retinalamin enhances visual acuity, increases sensitivity of the retina, resulting in subjective improvement of distance vision and near vision. N.V. Morozova, the Deputy Chief Physician on Medical Work at Medical and Diagnostic Centre No. 7 (ophthalmic) of Saint Petersburg, in her report spoke about current approaches to neuroprotection in glaucoma. It was noted in the presentation that the concept of neuroprotection for saving from damage (and a possible recovery) of optic nerve has been proposed in the 1990s. At present it actively used to develop new products for the treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma, various retinal diseases of ischemic and dystrophic cause.

Geropharm initiates research and development and manufactures products for over 10 years. Each year, results of studies of Geropharm products conducted by leading scientists are published in major scientific journals: 100 -150 scholarly articles and monographs each year. Geropharm scientific work engages more than 20 candidates and doctors of sciences in the fields of medicine, pharmacology, chemistry and biology.

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