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Cortexin for children was registered in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan

20 April 2011

This spring theoretical and practical conferences took place in Baku and Bishkek and were dedicated to actual issues of use of neuroprotective drugs in modern pediatrics and child neurology. The events were devoted to the registration in Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan a new form of original Russian neuroprotector Cortexin, 5 mg - Cortexin for children.

The conferences carried out by GEROPHARM took place with support of Ministries of Public Health and the Associations of neurologists of Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.

There were over 200 experts in each town - child neurologists, pediatricians, therapeutics, neonatologists, epileptologists – which gathered to hear reports by Russian scientists dedicated to modern researches in the field of perinatal and pediatric neurology and epilepsy.

Range of topics discussed during the conferences was very wide: the rehabilitation of children with prenatal damages at an early age, up-to-dates therapy methods for abstinent syndrome of newborn babies, optimal therapy for children’s speech development delay, main approaches to the therapy for acute abnormalities of cerebral circulation emerging in the pathology of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as new approaches and methods of modern treatment for actual pathology in pediatrics and medicine.

In all reports experts shared Russian experience and progress made in Cortexin therapy in pediatrics, neurology, therapy and psychiatry.

All talks were successful, but special attention of the audience ( including a number of asked questions) had reports by professors Vladimir Mitrofanovich Studenikin (Moscow), Olga Vladimirovna Khaletskaya (Nizhny Novgorod), Vladimir Veniaminovich Kalinin (Moscow), Tamara Vladimirovna Belousova (Novosibirsk), Irina Mikhaylovna Sutulina ( Kemerovo). Thoroughly studies aspects of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of Cortexin including specifics of metabolism in main pathology of childhood and adequate treatment applied in these cases formed the basis of for these reports. Active discussion and exchange of views were continuing long after the closing of the conference.

Nootropic drug Cortexin for children is developed specifically for the treatment of children from the first days of life to 5 years of age. Because of its safety and absence of contraindication, the drug is widely used by child neurologists and pediatricians for treatment for nervous system diseases in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

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