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The perspectives of the pharmaceutical industry development were discussed at the forum "Life Sciences Invest"

12 November 2015

GEROPHARM Group participated in the V Annual International Partnering Forum “Life Sciences Invest. Partnering Russia” which took place on 10-11 November in St. Petersburg.

The event was supported by the Government of St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation. The forum was arranged by the non-commercial partnership "Medico-pharmaceutical projects. 21 century" and St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy.

This year the forum’s business and exhibition programmmes gathered over 300 experts: the representatives of public authorities, research centres and educational institutions; the heads of manufacturing companies, the drug and medical devices developers and suppliers and also the representatives of international and Russian biopharmaceutical and medical companies.

The experts of GEROPHARM Group were involved in a number of business programme’s events on the issues concerning legislative regulation of pharmaceutical activities and drug provision, new medicines circulation in the Customs Union and staff training system.

The director of economic security of GEROPHARM Group Andrey Akhantev and the head of government relations unit Vilena Boyko took part in the roundtable devoted to the problems of industry interaction in the sphere of pharmaceutical activities and drug provision regulation in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Space. During the thematic session the latest changes in the legislative regulation of pharmaceutical activities and drug provision, quality control and new drugs introduction and circulation in the Customs Union were discussed. Special attention was paid to the current situation with the regulatory environment: with the adoption of the Federal law № 44, for the first time in the modern history of Russian pharmaceutical market, the local manufacturers gained an equal access to the government procurement market. However, despite the positive dynamics, there are still some problems connected with the imperfection of law-enforcement practice, and, above all, there are still no real mechanisms aimed to support local manufacturers depending on the depth of localization.

The 2015 forum gave all the participants a unique chance to discuss lots of relevant issues on industry development: from regulatory matters and urgent problems connected with the production and scientific bases development to the questions concerning human resourcing. The 70-year anniversary of St. Petersburg State Chemical-Pharmaceutical Academy’s faculty of drug industrial technology provided a great opportunity to turn to a number of issues in this regard. The HR director of GEROPHARM Group Natalya Skakunova participated in the faculty congratulation ceremony. As the expert of the session devoted to the problems of staff system building and development in the pharmaceutical field she also made a short presentation. Today it is very important to think of the students’ competences which can be developed during their professional education in the sphere of pharmaceutics. Besides professional knowledge, it is also crucial to guide young specialists towards the appropriate work approaches that today, besides professional knowledge and skills, also require information handling, responsibility, result orientation, strong communication skills and ability to follow corporate culture. All experts noted the importance of early career guidance. Anyway, all proactive pharmaceutical companies have already been engaged in working not only with students but also with pupils. Some specific proposals on methods of combining efforts in this regard at business and city administration levels were offered.

The anniversary partnering forum also impressed visitors with a small exposition, where the company presented its original drugs Cortexin®, Retinalamin®, generics Levetinol®, Memantinol® and genetically engineered human insulins Rinsulin® R (short-acting) and Rinsulin® NPH (average duration) in different delivery forms (vials, cartridges, pre-filled insulin pens). The stand reflected not only the company’s successful projects focused on import substitution but also serious competences of the leading Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer in the sphere of original drugs, biotechnological products and improved generic drugs development and manufacturing.

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