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Results of ESCORT Study Were Presented at the X All-Russian Congress of Neurologists

23 June 2012

Geropharm took part in X All-Russian Congress of Neurologists held from 17 to 21 June in Nizhny Novgorod.

An extensive research and educational program that included more than 50 breakout sessions was organized as part of the Congress, as well as 60 satellite symposia organized with support of various pharmaceutical companies. This sign event has become a meeting place for leading experts in various fields of neurology. Members of the Congress shared their own experiences of treatment of various neurological pathology, application of different approaches in pharmacotherapy and acquainted their colleagues with the results of scientific research carried out.

Geropharm became an organizer of 3 satellite symposia - Opportunities of Neuroprotection in the Acute Period of Cerebral Stroke, Modern Neuroprotection in the Treatment of Chronic Cerebrovascular Diseases and Epilepsy: Modern Possibilities of Neuroprotection in Experiment and Clinic.

Symposium Opportunities of Neuroprotection in Acute Period of Cerebral Stroke was chaired by Mikhail Yurievich Martynov, MD, Scientific Secretary of the All-Russian Society of Neurologists, professor of neurology and neurosurgery department of the Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU) and Lyudmila Vitalievna Stakhovsky, MD, professor, Director of the Institute of Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke of RNRMU.

RAMS academician Aleksandr Anisimovich Skoromets opened a satellite and shared his experience in treatment of acute cerebral circulatory disorders and evaluation of recent R&D studies. All presentations of the symposium were based on the results of a clinical trial ESCORT dedicated to effectiveness of Cortexin neuroprotective support of ischemic stroke therapy.

The satellite began with demonstration a small video-clip, which was focused on problem of stroke and its consequences, as well as emphasized the need of support of neuroprotective therapy for patients with stroke, beginning from the very first minutes of medical care provision in their respect. Report made by Olga Ketlinskaya, Candidate of Medical Science, Deputy Director on medicine of Geropharm Ltd., reflected design, organization and specifics of the study ESCORT in seven cardiovascular centres of Russia. Nicholay Anatolievich Shamalov, the Head of the Research Institute of Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke RNRMU, Associate Professor of the Department of Fundamental and Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery of RNRMU addressed the audience with the report Low-dose Cytoprotection in Cerebrovascular Accident: Evidence Base and Verification of Effectiveness, ESCORT Study. Further to this issue, Valentina Mikhailovna Alifirova, MD, professor and the Head of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Siberian State Medical University (SSMU), the Chairman of the Tomsk Branch of the All-Russian Society of Neurologists, the main non-staff specialist and neurologist of the Department of Health of the Tomsk Region, made a speech about the correction of cognitive decline and normalization of life quality of patients suffered stroke.

Analysis, comparison, address of the audience to "the first" successful steps of domestic neuroprotection - formed the basis of all reports and proved the new data obtained in respect of effectiveness of the Cortexin medicinal preparation in treatment of stroke and in rehabilitation period. At the end of the symposium Ketevana Sergeyevna Meshkova, RNRMU professor, made a report reflecting the results of the pharmaco-economic component of ESCORT multicenter study, where the cost benefit of therapy of using Cortexin has been shown.

Moderator of the satellite was Andrey Avgustovich Belkin, professor, the Director of the Institute of Stroke of the Ural Branch of RAMS, who conducted an interactive poll of audience, which allowed the audience to get feedback.

The second symposium organized by Geropharm - Modern Neuroprotection in Therapy of Chronic Cerebrovascular Disease was chaired by Aleksandr Anisimovich Skoromets, academician, the chief neurologist of Saint Petersburg and Professor Alexander Nikolayevich Boyko, chief neurologist of Moscow. The satellite examined the issues relating to potential chronic cerebral ischemia, as well as modern approaches to diagnosis and therapy of this common and constantly "juvenescent" pathology.

The Symposium Epilepsy: Modern Possibilities of Neuroprotection in Experiment and Clinic was devoted to the problems of epilepsy. The symposium presented the scientific rationale for use of cytoprotectors in respect of patients with epilepsy, which was obtained during various pre-clinical experiments. Basic mechanisms affected by Cortexin application in respect of such patients were shown. Two other reports have confirmed the clinical validity of scientific hypotheses put forward.

According to tradition, in addition to the scientific program as part of the Congress a special exhibition was organized. Geropharm proposed the theme of ESCORT as part of the design of the exhibition stand. The original stand, at which a motorcycle Kawasaki was placed was of green colour and attracted the attention of visitors.

The X All-Russian Congress of Neurologists this year gathered more than three thousand of medical specialists. Despite of the status of the All-Russian Congress in ceremony was attended not only by domestic neurologists, but also specialists from the CIS countries, Europe and North America.

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