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Ophthalmologists comprehensively reviewed the new treatment methods for retinal diseases at the XVII International Congress of Ophthalmology “White Nights”

6 June 2011

At the end of May and the beginning of June the International Congress of Ophthalmology “White Nights” took place, its long history giving it a status of the most significant ophthalmological event of St. Petersburg. The Congress annually attracts considerable attention of the medical community, and becomes the ground for discussions of the most vital matters of ophthalmology.

More than 1,600 Russian and foreign doctors, experts, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry took part in the Congress this year. A comprehensive academic and research program was prepared for the specialists. The program was devoted to the latest achievements of ophthalmology, modern diagnostic and treatment techniques for ophthalmological diseases. Traditionally, the exhibition of products manufactured by the leading Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies was offered to the participants.

The theoretical and practical symposium "Innovations in the Treatment of Retinal Diseases" organized by GEROPHARM was chaired by Professor Vladimir Vladimirovich Neroev, the Chief Neurologist of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Honored Doctor of the RF, and the Director of the Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute.

Olga Ivanovna Sarygina, the Chief Researcher, Head of the retinal pathology and optic nerve Division of the Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute, presented the research results of the therapeutic effectiveness and safety of Retinalamin for myopia treatment. It was demonstrated that Retinalamin provides better acuity of vision, enhances the functional activity of neurons in the inner nuclear layer of the peripheral and central retina sections, and the activity of the photoreceptors of the macular area. Apart from the foregoing, the drug helps to increase retina photosensitivity, and reduce the average defect level of the central threshold photosensitivity. No allergic reactions and no undesirable effects were registered among the patients in the course of drug administration.

Natalia Vladimirovna Morozova, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Deputy Chief Doctor for clinical work of St. Petersburg City Diagnostic Center No. 8, reported the clinical efficiency of Retinalamin for the proliferative diabetic retinopathy after the laser-based treatment of patients. In the course of the research Retinalamin was administered with the convenient, high-efficiency, and minimally invasive method of endonasal electrophoresis. The work continues the research series of St. Petersburg authors under the guidance of the Professor Jury Sergeevich Astakhov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief Ophthalmologist of St. Petersburg.

Elvira Irekovna Saidasheva, Professor, Head of the Chair of Infant Ophthalmology of St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Studies, reported on the urgency of ophtalmo-neuroprotection in infants treatment, and submitted the data certifying Retinalamin efficiency in retinopathy among low-birth-weight infants, and of Cortexin used for the treatment of optic nerve atrophy of various genesis.

The report made by Venera Uzbekovna Galimova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Chair of Ophthalmic and Plastic Surgery of the Bashkir Medical University (Ufa city), Deputy Director of the FGU (Federal State Institution) All-Russian Center of Ophthalmic and Plastic Surgery of Roszdrav, was final in the symposium. In her report the Professor informed the participants about the efficiency of an integrated approach to the therapy of pigmentary retinopathy with the use of Retinalamin, and Cortexin between surgical treatment stages.

The theoretical and practical program of the Congress aroused great interest to all the participants. The specialists got acquainted with the data of the most progressive research in the field of ophthalmology at the issue-related lectures and seminars.

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