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Breakthrough in Diabetes: Important Social Issue Raises Again in Saint Petersburg

29 November 2013

Press breakfast “Breakthrough in Diabetes” was held on November 28 The event was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere in Four Seasons Hotel, 1 Voznesensky Prospekt.

This event was devoted to the results of opening the Russian full-cycle plant manufacturing genetically engineered human insulins, first results of its operation, including the results of international GMP audits, prospects for expanding export sales geography of the drugs manufactured by the company. Apart from the production issues, another important issue to discuss was social aspect of diabetes problem. Due to a quick growth of morbidity rate, awareness-raising and educational work with people and psychological support of diabetics assume great importance. And special attention to diabetes is paid not only on traditional days (in November when the World Diabetes Day is marked), but also in long term prospects.
The guests of the event got acquainted with GEROPHARM’s photo project “Diabetes in Persons” which was first presented at the ceremony dedicated to opening the company’s plant in October. The project is an exhibition of portraits of real persons with their life stories for whom diabetes had become a routine lifestyle forever, but it had not taken their zest for life. Author of the photo project is the famous Russian photographer Valery Plotnikov. “This project aims to demonstrate that life is not ended with diabetes; that a person can continue living active and full life and maintain its high quality,” says Head of GEROPHARM, Group of Companies Pyotr Rodionov. “This project focuses on real persons with their real life stories, since a human being is the core value.”

Valery Plotnikov expressed his attitude towards the Photo Project and stated the following: “I am convinced that this new artistic viewpoint to diabetes will be of a great interest and benefit to the public and many people would probably give a thought to the lifestyle they are leading. Indeed, diabetes is a real major humanitarian issue nowadays which pertains to lots of people of various ages and social status. For me personally, this project was also interesting because of possibility to come across the different people; all of them are remarkably positive. And this is what I mean to convey in my works, reflect people mood and their strive for normal and productive life. After all, diabetes is not a verdict, one just needs to learn with it! And it is wonderful that now with Russian pharmaceutical plant being opened there will be no need for these people to be afraid of lack of such vitally important drug.”

The photographic exhibition was also demonstrated in November this year as part of Diabetes Days in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Mass media representatives had an opportunity to put questions to the event speakers: General Director of GEROFARM, Group of Companies Pyotr Rodionov and Head of Saint Petersburg Diabetic Society Marina Shipulina, as well as to the figures of the photo project “Diabetes in Persons”.

Pyotr Rodionov shared the company’s plans for the nearest future and told about the first work results achieved after the ceremonial opening of the plant in October this year.

Marina Shipulina outlined the history of diabetes and its control measures. She also addressed the representatives of mass-media and emphasized the importance of awareness-raising work among the people.

Diabetes grew into a medico-social and humanitarian issue of a modern society. The disease and its complications pose a large health risk to a growing number of people in the world. In Russia approximately 15% of budget for public health service is spent for fighting diabetes with most of funds for its complications which might be avoided should the diagnosis was established in time and an adequate therapy timely prescribed.

Diabetes often becomes not only serious medical but also physiological problem for patients and their relatives. Support and social adaptation of people with diabetes acquires increasing significance along with traditional issues of increase in preventive culture and awareness of the disease.

The central figures of the photo project shared with the guests of the press breakfast their stories on how diabetes affected their lives. For them the disease is not a verdict but rather a kind of lifestyle.

GEROPHARM, Group of Companies traditionally undertakes social actions to increase people’s awareness of diabetes. This is one of the company’s priorities. GEROPHARM develops products for diabetes treatment and manufactures genetically engineered insulin human at its plant located in the Moscow Region (Obolensk urban settlement).

Opening of the GEOPHARM-Bio plant (a part of GEROPHARM, Group of Companies) is a major milestone in development of national manufacturing capabilities. This is the first and so far the only one plant which manufactures vitally important insulin preparations using the full-cycle: starting from the substance biosyntheses up to the ready dosage form. This project creates the conditions for the drug safety; it is the first plant which locates all the stages of socially significant drug production within the country and ensures its independence from foreign suppliers of raw materials.

Opening of the plant is another step of GEROPHARM in implementation of its diabetology development strategy. Currently, the company is undergoing international GMP audits with a view to expand its export geography of Rinsulin drugs manufactured in Obolensk. There is a high demand for these drugs in the countries of the South-East Asia region, Latin America and North Africa.
Starting from 2014, the company will launch production of Rinsulins as part of disposable insulin pens. In the future it plans to expand its product line with analogue insulins; currently, the company’s scientific unit develops ultra -short acting and ultra-long acting drugs.

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